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The Erie Canal Cuts Weeks off Shipping Time

In the early 1800s, land routes connecting New York City and the Western Frontier (at Lake Erie) were practically non-existent. Roads, basically glorified trails, were often so poorly constructed that when the weather turned bad most became a sea of … Continue reading

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Sinking of the Bismarck (May 27, 1941)

The Schlachtschiff (Battleship) Bismarck was launched at the Hamburg shipyard in February 1939, and commisioned into the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) in August 1940. Her sister ship, the Tirpitz, joined the fleet in March 1941. At almost 800 feet long, and … Continue reading

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The US Railroad Administration (1917-1920)

By the time of America’s entry into WWI (April 4, 1917,) US railroads were in trouble. Profits were limited by government edict, railroad workers had just won the eight-hour day, and much of the equipment was old and worn out. … Continue reading

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“Golf” is a Coded Racist Word

“…when everybody’s somebody, then no one’s anybody.”—- WS Gilbert (in The Gondoliers) Coded racist words (CRWs)  are the latest in the never-ending war against the ugly spectre of racism. It all begins with the assumption that any time anyone says anything … Continue reading

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