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Birth of the League of Nations — 1920

Hostilities ceased in the War to End all Wars with the armistice on Nov 11, 1918. On Jan 18, 1919, the victors of WWI met at the Paris Peace Conference to discuss conditions for peace, and on June 28th, the … Continue reading

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Long-distance Communication with Morse’s Telegraph

Long distance communication during ancient times was accomplished with mirrors, drums or smoke, all limited by weather or the need for line-of-sight between communicators. The semaphore, developed in the 1790s, consisted of a series of hilltop stations that each had … Continue reading

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Woodwinds fall into three categories, flutes, single reed (saxes and clarinets,) and double reed (oboes and bassoons.) Each of these has a number of varieties, ranging in pitch from extreme high to extreme low.

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A Platinum Coin to Pay Down the Debt

“When I was but a little child, I had a dream. A simple child’s dream. And all that simple child ever wanted was to get his hands on all the money in the world…” — Gen. Bullmoose, from the movie … Continue reading

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“Getcher Popcorn and Crackerjack Here…”

“…a bowl full of popcorn, a radio, and you…” — from a 1930 song The oldest ears of popcorn ever found, carbon dated to be about 5,600 years old, were discovered in a New Mexico cave about 20 miles east … Continue reading

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Finally, a Cure for Syphilis (1910)

“…a night with Venus is followed by a lifetime with Mercury.”— 18th century saying Although the exact origins of syphilis are unknown, the general consensus is that it was introduced to Europe by Columbus’ sailors. Recent findings suggested they could … Continue reading

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