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The Vigilantes Return to San Francisco

On Thursday, Nov 15, 1855, gambler Charles Cora and his paramour, Belle Cora, proprietress of the top parlor house in San Francisco, went to the opening of a new play at San Francisco’s New Amsterdam Theater. As fate might have … Continue reading

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The Gambler and the Madam

“Be gentle with me,” the comely young lass whispered, “this is my first time and I’m all shaky inside.” “Don’t be frightened, my dear,” soothed the bemustached rake as he lowered the lamps,“I’ll see that you enjoy it. I promise.”

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Vigilante Justice Comes to San Francisco — 1851

In 1846, the sleepy little village of Yerba Buena, situated in a small cove off San Francisco Bay, had less than 500 inhabitants, mainly shopkeepers and fishermen. Also in 1846, the current alcalde (mayor,) Washington Bartlett, “to prevent confusion and … Continue reading

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Long Live Her Majesty, the King

When the Pharoah Thutmose I died, in 1493 BC, he was succeeded by his son Thutmose II. According to the confusing laws of Egyptian primogeniture, Thutmose II’s mother was a commoner, so he was considered a lesser son. Since the women … Continue reading

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Birth of the Car Radio

By the mid 20s, homes all across the country were beginning to be wired for electricity, and in 1928, the Galvin Brothers, Paul and Joe, began a company in Chicago specializing in battery eliminators. Most radios of the period ran … Continue reading

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The NFL merges with the AFL, and Green Bay wins Superbowl I

For 40 years, the National Football League reigned supreme, albeit in relative obscurity, until after WWII, when football began to rival baseball in popularity. While other leagues came and went, none seriously challenged the dominance of the NFL until 1960, … Continue reading

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Battle of Saratoga — Turning Point of the Revolutionary War

During the summer of 1776, a powerful army under British General Sir William Howe (1729-1815) invaded and took control of the New York City area. As 1776 drew to a close, America’s chances of a successful revolution seemed remote. Washington’s … Continue reading

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