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Prohibition, Part 2 — Time to Board the Water Wagon

“It’s bootleg when it’s on the trucks, but when your host hands it to you on a silver tray, it’s hospitality…They say I violate prohibition. Who doesn’t?” — Chicago “businessman” Al Capone. New Year’s Eve, 1920. As they had for … Continue reading

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Prohibition, Part 1 — “Smash Women, Smash”

“Father, Don’t Get Stewed Again Tonight” — Temperance song The American Temperance Society was founded in Boston in 1826, and within 10 years had expanded to 8,000+ local groups and more than 1,500,000 members all of whom had taken the … Continue reading

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The Naming of Hurricanes

Technically speaking, a hurricane is any storm producing winds reaching 12 on the Beaufort Scale, or, at least 74 mph. To make things more interesting, by definition hurricanes today are strictly an Eastern Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean phenomenon. If it … Continue reading

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