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I Am A Climate Change Skeptic

Every ten years or so, the government discovers a crisis so dire that it can only be ameliorated by spending large amounts of tax dollars. Today’s crisis is climate change. When I was in grammar school in the early 50s, … Continue reading

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Shipbuilder Accidentally Invents the “Slinky”

The year was 1943. As the Battle of the Atlantic raged in the waters around Europe, the US Navy needed a constant supply of new ships, and one of the many shipbuilders working round the clock was Philadelphia’s Cramp Shipbuilding … Continue reading

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The Catcher Becomes a Spy

Among the many colorful characters recruited as spies during World War II, no one was more unusual than Morris “Moe” Berg. Tall, handsome, and highly intelligent, Moe was a professional baseball player, lawyer, scholar, linguist, and spy. He earned degrees … Continue reading

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A Short Discussion of Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting goes all the way back to ancient Babylonia, where business people pressed the tips of their fingertips into clay to record transactions. Fast forward to the third century BC, when the Chinese began using ink-on-paper finger impressions for business … Continue reading

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Complicated Toilet Causes Loss of German Sub

Life aboard German submarines in WWII ranged from uncomfortable to downright hazardous, even when they weren’t dodging depth charges. They were cramped, spartan, and even in the best of circumstances, the air was foul with diesel fumes, body odors, and … Continue reading

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Introduction of the Calendar

!! Happy 2018 !! In the world of the ancients time of day had very little meaning See “Development of Time Zones”. Most people got up at sunrise and went to bed at sunset. However, the time of year was … Continue reading

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How Many Bowl Games Are There?

Updated December 2017 In the early days of television, there were three TV networks, NBC, ABC, and CBS, and on New Year’s Day they broadcast four major bowl games: The Cotton Bowl (Dallas,) the Sugar Bowl (New Orleans,) The Rose … Continue reading

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The Spitfire Helps Britain Win WWII

In January 1933, Adolph Hitler assumed power in Germany. After some political shenanigans, he was named Chancellor (a position analogous to Prime Minister) by the aging president and WWI hero Paul von Hindenburg. When Hindenburg died, at the age of … Continue reading

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“OK” Enters The Language

Like all words which began life as slang, etymologists aren’t sure exactly how “OK” came to be added to the language. One leading contender dates back to Martin Van Buren (1782-1862,) our eighth president. Van Buren was born into a … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Mirrors

According to mythology, the first person to actually see an image of himself was the Greek hunter, Narcissus. Narcissus was widely known for being one of the handsomest lads in the kingdom, and caught the attention of many an amorous … Continue reading

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