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  1. Jim Riggs says:

    Curious image of “Belle Cora” you present in in “The Ganbler & The Madam”.
    What is the source of this drawing?

    Her appearance does not match several descriptions provided in reports
    of the day as “a hazel-eyed, auburn-haired beauty showing a volupuous
    figure with a graceful posture, etc. Indeed her “poke-bonnet” style hat is a
    contrary adornment to her “grand lady of the town” persona presented elsewhere.

    (See, for instance: J. Levy, Women of the West; E. Margo, Taming the Forty-Niner;
    C. Gentry, The Madams of San Francisco; various issues of Phoenix/Ubiquitous
    and Varieties, 1855-1865 passim)

    Note, by contrast, the source for the image of her lover cum husband,
    Charles Cora, appearing below Belle’s image. That image appears at the
    bottom of a letter sheet reporting his hanging, May 1856. It is today available
    in several archives devoted to San Francisco Gold Rush history.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. This came from a contemporary woodcut, but thanks to a computer crash I experienced a year ago, I can no longer find the reference. I can tell you that finding an image of Belle Cora is not that easy.

      Much of the description of the event came from my copy of The Madams of San Francisco

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