Salute to Ghosties, Ghoulies, and Long-Leggedy Beasties

It may come as a surprise to younger readers, but once upon a time radio meant more than Top 40 and Golden Oldies (aka last week’s Top 40). It meant drama, comedy, westerns, science fiction, soap operas and quiz shows — just like today’s television, only with better writing.

One of the programs which began broadcasting during radio’s heyday was called, Suspense. It was an anthology of horror, sci-fi-, mystery, and other macabre subjects, and lasted well into the television age, finally going off the air in 1960.

Now that Halloween is nearly upon us, I thought it might be fun to resurrect one of those shows. The House in Cypress Canyon originally aired on Dec 5, 1946, and is possibly the spookiest show ever broadcast.

Listen to this with the lights out, and a word to the wise. Preview it before you allow any children to hear it.

Presenting The House in Cypress Canyon:

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  1. Keith Charleston says:

    Brought back memories. Thank you.

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